Confessions of a Book Addict

The story of my life is fairly simple that ways. I am an avid book explorer and reader who spends the better part of her life smelling pages and devouring words. Whether it is living through the perfect tale of romance in a Cecilia Ahern book or fighting against the wrong in the Prythian land or simply, exploring the unknown in a Stephen King thriller, books can be the single most important source for fueling your imagination and transferring you into an entirely different world – one far from the harsh realities that life has to offer. Books can give you everlasting elation and make you touch the bounds of imagination you never thought you could! In this spirit, I thought of making some confessions as a book addict or book lover.

A neverending relationship – Me and my books
  1. Sometimes, a book is so good that I don’t want it to end and hence, I dally finish reading it.
  2. There are some books that demand to be made into movies. They are so good you can’t resist imagining it as a movie and then, thinking of “the picture perfect” cast for the movie.
  3. Books are undoubtedly the best and most effective way to ignore all forms of social interaction in a public place (read coffee shop).
  4. Any free time – doesn’t matter how short it is – is enough to get some reading done.
  5. It breaks my heart when the guy I am crushing upon says he doesn’t have the habit (read OCD) of reading books.
  6. A good book is one that gets you heavily emotionally invested in the plot, so much so that you need to often take a break and breathe a bit.
  7. To understand how someone can carry a small handbag is difficult to fathom for a book lover. Because carrying a bag without one or many books is nothing but blasphemy to its very core.
  8. Book heaven bliss can be achieved simply through by smelling books. They have an amazing smell and are always good when the going gets tough.
  9. There is always book for each mood – doesn’t matter if it is summertime or the rains, if you are feeling low or romantic or whatever – there is always a book for that mood.
  10. Any book related merchandise is good for keeping on display so that they remind you how very much you enjoyed reading the book or absolutely and whole-heartedly loved that character.

Yeah! There it is – some bookish facts about me or my long relationship with books! I would love to know some interesting facts or bookish quirks about you too. Fill me in guys!




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