Book Review: Limitations by Scott Turow



Life would seem to have gone well for George Mason. His days as a criminal defense lawyer are long behind him. At fifty-nine, he has sat as a judge on the Court of Appeals in Kindle County for nearly a decade. Yet, when a disturbing rape case is brought before him, the judge begins to question the very nature of the law and his role within it. What is troubling George Mason so deeply? Is it his wife’s recent diagnosis? or the strange and threatening emails he has started to receive? and what is it about this horrific case of sexual assault, now on trial in his courtroom, that has led him to question his fitness to judge? In Limitations, Scott Turow, the master of the legal thriller, returns to Kindle County with a page-turning entertainment that asks the biggest questions of all. Ingeniously and with great economy of style, Turow probes the limitations not only of the law but of human understanding itself.

Rating: 2.5 stars

My Review:

Scott Turow is known to write some of the most enthralling and engaging legal thrillers. And all of you know me know of my love for thrillers. So no surprises there why I picked this one up from the library!

This one called Limitations is one of the easiest reads of the year for me. It starts off with a judge trying to make up his mind about a case he is on the jury for. What makes this case stand out for him is that it is similar to something he had been a part of as a kid and later on, pushed under the carpet. All those memories come rushing back and now, he is in a super quandary.

The plot obviously doesn’t stop there. It goes on to build on the premise that he is being threatened for an unknown reason and by someone he and the investigating cops are unable to find out. What follows is a series of sort of predictable incidents that help us unravel the case.

This book has all the elements to make a good thriller – a good plot, pacy narration, few layers to the plot and all that shizz. Where it falls flat is the climax which is probably one of the most boring and lackluster ones I have read in recent times. And that is precisely my problem with this book. I am going to revisit my rating for the book and give it a 2 instead of the initial 3 sheerly because it has got no stickiness quotient.

After reading the book, I went on the net to find out some more about Turow and his works. Apparently, this one is touted to be one among his not-so-great ones. Hence I have decided I will give one more book a try and see if I get around to liking the author and his writing.

I am gonna suggest you guys hold on before you pick up this one. I will come back with more suggestions.


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