About “The Fresh N Fabulous”

The Fresh N Fabulous is the outcome of days of pondering about starting a new blog or rather, re-branding my blog and social media.

I have been blogging for the longest time ever and some of you may have seen me behind “Coffee and Musings.” Alas, we had the seven year itch and here I am, all geared up to start with this new journey called The Fresh and Fabulous.

Here, I am going to post about books and related things of interest. I am currently in two minds if I should be posting movie reviews as well. Let me ponder over that a bit more. Also, I will be reviewing any new products that I come across or use.

The reason for the name of this blog is quite simple and straight from the heart. I will be posting everything that is fresh and relevant to my readers and hopefully, it would be fabulous  too! I am a person who loves flowers to the core and let’s just say, the blog name has its roots there.

About Me

Hello! I am Medha. And I am interested in all things related to books, travel, food and lifestyle. I am currently based in Pune, India and have been here for a good few years of my life. Prior to this, I have also been based in London for a major chunk. I love a lot of things like books, movies, travelling and food. I have to say these are the things that always pique my interest.  When I am not following my passion, I am working in the field of Learning and Development for Fortune 500 organizations.

Coming to books, I read a varied amount of books; the genre could vary from classics to thillers to dystopian fiction to romance to fantasy and more! Pretty much everything that catches my fancy!

Once again, welcome to my blog guys! Happy reading y’all!

Let’s be friends!

My bookstagram is the.fresh.n.fabulous, in case you want to see where do all the book reviews go! You can also shoot me an email at the.fresh.n.fabulous@gmail.com